Ferrari 296 GT3, the new Italian example of GT competitions adopts a V6 Turbo

Ferrari 296 GT3

Ferrari 296 GT3, the new Italian example of GT competitions adopts a V6 Turbo

Scheduled to debut at Daytona 2023, this is the replacement for the 488 GT3

The firm of the prancing horse presents its most recent GT3, as always, based on the street model, but with numerous modifications to guarantee maximum performance on circuits.

The Ferrari 296 GT3 is based on the 296 GTB, the latest mid-engined sports car from the Maranello-based manufacturer and this means ditching the eight-cylinder engine in favor of a new turbocharged V6.

  • Engine – V6 at 120° with the turbos installed between the two banks
  • Power – 600hp
  • Torque – 524 lb-ft
  • Transmission – 6-speed single clutch with electronic actuator controlled from the steering wheel
  • Wheelbase – 2,660mm
  • Weight – 1,250 kg (without pilot and fuel)

Depending on the need, the power can be modified, so the figures mentioned above are the minimum. Likewise, the 296 GT3 abandons the hybrid system of the 296 GTB, with which it was possible to mount the engine more centrally and lower, improving weight distribution and lowering the center of gravity.

The chassis is made entirely of aluminum and has a slightly longer wheelbase than the 296 GTB, clearly within the permitted standard. The braking system is new and larger, with 400mm discs at the front and 332 at the rear with 6- and 4-piston calipers, respectively. For its part, the forged wheels were designed especially for the 296 GT3 by Rotiform.

In the aesthetic section, the Ferrari designers sought to maintain as much as possible the silhouette of the 296 street car and in the process limit as much as possible the effects of aerodynamic forces on maneuverability and grip. Even so, this new example generates 20% more downforce than the 488 GT3 it replaces.

For its part, the interior was completely redesigned to guarantee maximum visibility and good levels of comfort, essential in endurance races. The vast majority of controls have been moved to the steering wheel, borrowing much from what Ferrari uses in its F1 single-seater.

Also, the air conditioning and airflow system were improved to optimize ventilation in the cabin.

The new Ferrari 296 GT3 will debut at Daytona 2023.

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