Honda unveils two cars for professional motorsport

Honda unveils two cars for professional motorsport

Japanese automaker Honda has released special versions of its all-electric e hatchback and the N-One kei car. Pictures with models were posted by the press service of the automaker.
Both cars are produced under the e-Drag modification. Models are designed for drag racing.

The e electric hatchback has a carbon fiber body, Kirkey aluminum front seats with side bolsters, and acrylic windows instead of regular glass. The automaker removed the rear row of seats.

The electric hatchback relies on completely smooth tires with lightweight 17-inch NSX rims. The model also has a Civic-based suspension.

The special version of the N-One is designed for hill racing. This car is light and maneuverable. The body of the car, like the first model, is made of carbon fiber. At the same time, it was modernized in order to improve its aerodynamic properties. For tight cornering, the car is equipped with adjustable shock absorbers and sticky Yokohama Advan Fleva tires.

These two unique concepts were released in a single copy and are not intended for mass production.

Honda previously patented the new Trailsport trademark in the United States. It is likely that the new Ridgeline, CR-V, and Passport and Pilot SUVs will be produced under this brand.

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