While Formula One is undoubtedly impressive, these six all-electric racing series are making a significant impact by introducing more electric vehicles to racetracks across the globe.

Despite some people finding it hard to imagine racing an electric vehicle or watching an all-electric racing series, there are several advantages of electric vehicles over traditional ICE cars that make them ideal for racing. As a result, there are several racing events featuring an all-electric lineup, proving that EV motorsports will play a significant role in the future of automotive racing. If you’re interested in checking out the best all-electric racing series, read on.

1. Formula E

Formula E

The Formula E race involves a single-seater car that bears a resemblance to F1 cars but instead runs on electric power. While it may draw comparisons to Formula 1, the competition showcases state-of-the-art electric powertrains that will likely influence the advanced technology that electric road cars will eventually adopt.

Since its beginning, Formula E has introduced many unique features, but Fanboost is undoubtedly the most exciting (and debatable) of them all. Fanboost enables fans to vote for their preferred cars to receive a 30kW power boost lasting five seconds during the race.

It may seem like a concept straight out of a dystopian future where an outraged public can manipulate the outcome of a race in real-time. However, Fanboost, which allowed fans to vote for specific cars to receive a five-second 30kW power boost during the race, has been removed from the regulations for the Formula E 2023 season. This could be a positive development since Formula E has made significant progress, particularly in terms of its vehicles. As the racing becomes more competitive and the technology advances, gimmicks like this should be eliminated if the series wants to be regarded as a serious motorsport.

At the start of the Formula E races, the cars had to be switched out mid-race due to battery drain, which was a peculiar feature. However, this is no longer the case, and the races are now smoother. While Formula E cars are not as fast as F1 cars, Formula E still has a long way to go before it can replace F1 as the top racing series. Nonetheless, it is definitely making progress.

2. MotoE


Electric motorcycles are also making their way into the world of motorsport, with the MotoE competition representing the highest level of electric motorcycle racing. The top-performing electric motorcycles are already proving to be formidable competitors against their ICE counterparts, and the excitement of events like MotoE is sure to drive further advancements in electric motorcycle technology.

As a fan, motorcycle racing is one of the most thrilling sports to spectate, with riders displaying exceptional control over their machines. MotoE carries on the tradition of fearless riders and lightning-fast bikes, but with an electric twist.

While the traditional high-pitched sound of a regular motorbike is absent, the electric motor whine still provides plenty of excitement. Energica served as the motorcycle supplier for MotoE, but the competition is now transitioning to the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati.

3. eTouring Car World Cup

eTouring Car World Cup

Often, racing cars seem unattainable or too extravagant to the everyday driver, primarily due to the nature of the vehicle being raced. We typically envision hypercar prototypes blazing through tracks at mind-boggling speeds. However, electric touring car racing features modified versions of conventional cars like the Hyundai Veloster, achieving remarkable feats on the track.

The eTouring Car World Cup is a thrilling motorsport event that features amazing yet relatable vehicles. Unlike other racing events that use hypercar prototypes, eTouring Car races showcase modified versions of regular cars like the Hyundai Veloster. Currently, the all-electric racing series is comprised of three teams: Hyundai Motorsport, Cupra EKS, and Romeo Ferraris.

The Hyundai Veloster N ETCR is an impressive eTouring car vehicle that stands out from the typical Hyundai lineup. With a remarkable 960 NM of torque and a lightning-fast 0 to 62 mph time of just 3.2 seconds, this car is a true testament to the potential of electric racing technology. It would be a shame if Hyundai didn’t release an electric production version of the Veloster N, as it would surely impress car enthusiasts worldwide.

The eTouring Car series is an exhilarating racing spectacle to behold, with drivers giving it their all at every turn. The races are packed with all the elements of an exciting competition, from sudden lead changes to cars jostling for position and executing daring overtakes. It’s clear that the future of electrified motorsports is in good hands with eTouring Car leading the way.

4. Extreme E

Extreme E

Extreme E is not just a racing event, it’s a movement with a bigger purpose. This all-electric racing series aims to create awareness about areas impacted by climate change by organizing races in locations that have already suffered its consequences. In addition, Extreme E seeks to promote gender equality by having both male and female drivers on each team.

But what’s even more unique is that the races are held without a live audience, limiting the environmental impact on the race location. While this means fans will have to watch the races online, it’s a small price to pay to promote sustainability. However, as a racing fan, there’s no denying the excitement of being in the stands and witnessing the action firsthand.

The off-road vehicles used in Extreme E have a futuristic design reminiscent of the vehicles in the popular video game Halo, and the racing is action-packed. The landscapes that the vehicles race through are also stunning, and the whole event looks like it’s taking place on a different planet. Extreme E demonstrates that electric off-road vehicles can be just as capable as traditional gas-powered off-roaders.

5. Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge is a unique race that spans across the Australian continent, beginning in Darwin and concluding in Adelaide. The competition requires participating vehicles to solely rely on solar power to complete the challenge.

The GM Sunraycer, an iconic pre-Tesla electric vehicle, took home the first-place trophy in the inaugural World Solar Challenge. The vehicle was ahead of its time and impressively finished the race well ahead of its competitors.

Furthermore, the fact that the first race was held in 1987 highlights the slow pace of the industry in developing solar power for everyday transportation. The World Solar Challenge is held biennially, and the contestants must be prepared to face the unknown. The race organizers state that the participants must be ready to camp out in the desert.

The World Solar Challenge is undoubtedly a challenging race, with its vast terrain and extreme weather conditions. However, the event is an exciting one, and the most significant aspect is the continuous advancement of solar technology, which will eventually be used in mainstream transportation.

6. Nitro Rallycross (Group E)

Nitro Rallycross (Group E)

The Nitro Rallycross is an incredibly thrilling and unconventional racing competition, regardless of whether the vehicles are electric or not. The track is composed of a slippery surface, snow, or dirt, and the cars drift through the corners at high speeds in typical rally car style. However, this isn’t your typical rally race. The course features elements that are heavily inspired by motocross, such as the massive jump in the middle of the track. The size and scale of the jump alone is enough to intimidate even the most seasoned drivers, let alone inexperienced ones.

The Group E class in Nitro Rallycross is exclusively for electric vehicles, and the FC1-X is the car of choice for this class. The car has a unique and functional design, resembling something out of this world, but it is also incredibly fast with over 1,000 horsepower. Nitro Rallycross demonstrates that electric cars can be more than just urban vehicles and that they can excel in challenging motorsports such as rally racing.

Electric Vehicles Are Bringing New Excitement to the World of Racing

Auto racing has always been an electrifying sport, but in recent years, it has become somewhat repetitive. The introduction of electric vehicles, however, has injected a new energy into the sport and pushed the boundaries of what fans thought was possible. With electric cars, Formula E has emerged as a serious challenger to the iconic Formula 1 race cars, even competing for top-speed superiority.