Hong Kong-based professional racing driver Dan Wells, who will oversee the debut of the Lamborghini cybersports team, urges locals to go virtual because of travel restrictions

“The main goal is to make sure Lamborghini wins,” says the 30-year-old man as the stars finally come together after pandemic-affected seasons.Wells explains why cyber sports are the only way to go in Hong Kong until the borders open, and the “huge” potential for Asian racers. Dan Wells was preparing for a “breakout year” in […]


Honda unveils two cars for professional motorsport

Japanese automaker Honda has released special versions of its all-electric e hatchback and the N-One kei car. Pictures with models were posted by the press service of the automaker.Both cars are produced under the e-Drag modification. Models are designed for drag racing. The e electric hatchback has a carbon fiber body, Kirkey aluminum front seats […]

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